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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Solution to Resolve the Error USB Device Not Recognized

USB device not recognized is regarded as a windows error which appears on the screen after an user attempts to attach an external device to the system. The error takes place when the computer has not recognized the USB device plugged into the system. The USB device may possibly belisted as an unknown device in Device Manager if this scenario emerges.

Root causes
The error may emerge as a consequence of one a combination of several of the following factors:

Affixed hubs
Malfunctioning USB driver modelsNo support for USB 2.0
Affixed devices
Extra system hardware or configurations that could perhaps adjust the timing
Failure of the host controller hardware

In a bid to eliminate the problematic issues causing the error the methods below may be applied

1. An unsecure or loose connection is one of the most common reasons for the occurrence of the error USB device not recognized.
The operator should remove the current USB device from the machine in the situation where one is attached. This is done in the eventuality that the connection is not firm and has become loose. The device should subsequently be securely reconnected to the system through a firm reattachement to the USB port.

2. Scan in order to access hardware changes in device manager that may be causing a situation in which the USB device is not recognized.
A computer owner should scan for recently installed hardware by manipulating the Device Manager. This is successfully done by navigating from the start menu to the 'run' option. When the 'run' option is chosen the characters Devmgmt.msc should be typed into the pop up box. The option ??~OK??T should then be selected. Utilizing the action menu, the operator should then click ??~scan for hardware changes??T. This procedure is going to induce windows to scan and locate any newly installed devices. As soon as this action has been done the user should ensure that all control panels and previously opened device managers are closed. Immediately after completing the steps in this process the user should try to verify whether the system has started to recognize the USB devices or devices.

3. USB Hub Power Management
error addressing technique normally requires the disabling of the power management of the USB hub. Adherence to the steps outlined below should result in the disabling of the power management on the USB hub

A. Click Start, followed by 'Run'.

B. Type devmgmt.msc in the popup box, after which you can click Ok. Expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers' node,

C. Now follow the basic steps below for each listed USB Root Hub:

1. Use the right-click mouse function on the USB Root Hub and after that select (by clicking) Properties.

2. Choose the Power Management tab.

3. Press to clear the 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' check box, followed by clicking Ok.

Consumers should be aware that should the ensuing procedure be applied to a laptop computer, a reduction in the battery life may occur The issue can sometimes be resolved by removing the USB device, shutting down the system for a period of twenty minutes before restarting it.
More Tips

If application of all the solutions fail then the user is advised to contact the manufacturer for new driver information This is practical since the drivers may require updating. Moreover a hardware failure could exist and in this situation the expertise of a hardware expert is required.


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tripp Lite U326-006 USB 3.0 Super Speed 5Gbps A to Micro B Device Cable (6 Feet, Blue)

Product Features

  • 6ft Super Speed USB 3.0 A to Micro-B Cable
  • 5 Gbps signaling rate offering 10x performance increase over Hi-Speed USB.
  • Sync-N-Go technology that minimizes user wait-time.
  • Provides Optimized Power Efficiency. No device polling and lower active and idle power requirements.
  • Backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Devices interoperate with USB 2.0 platforms. Hostssupport USB 2.0 legacy devices.

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Don't settle for inferior workmanship or performance! This Tripp Lite USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Device Cable assures that you get maximum performance from USB devices over long distances. Unlike cut-price cables, the U326-006 is manufactured to exacting specifications, using superior materials, to deliver full USB 3.0 performance for multimedia and other high-end applications. And we back our pledge of quality with a lifetime product warranty.
The Gold Standard for USB 3.0 Connectivity
This genuine Tripp Lite USB 3.0 A/Micro-B SuperSpeed Device Cable is the choice for superior performance, providing full USB 3.0 performance for multimedia and other high-end applications. Use it to connect high-speed USB 3.0 devices such as printers, scanners, external hard drives and external DVD players to a USB computer up to 6 feet away. The U326-006 provides USB 3.0 A (male) and USB 3.0 Micro-B (male) connectors. It meets or exceeds USB 3.0 specifications and is backward compatible with older USB 2.0 devices.
Ultra High-Speed Data Transfer
With its superior design and construction, the U326-006 is ideal for multimedia and other high-end applications that require fast, clear transmission, free of line noise and other interference, over long distances. It supports faster data transfer rates (5 Gbps), and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 for both low-speed and high-speed devices.
Optimized Power Efficiency
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed uses 1/3 of the power of USB 2.0 to transfer the same amount of data. Conversely, during charging applications, the U326-006 delivers twice the power of USB 2.0 for faster device charging. The U326-006 has lower active and idle power requirements, and does not require device polling.
Backward Compatible with USB 2.0
Harness all of the strength of USB 3.0 technology without sacrificing compatibility. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0, making it an ideal and versatile solution for any USB application, as well as allowing for growth.
Gold-Plated Copper Contacts and Premium Shielding
The U326-006 is manufactured using top-quality materials to assure maximum performance. Nickel-plated connectors with gold-plated copper contacts assure superior connectivity. Premium double-shielding cables with tinned copper braid and aluminum Mylar foil minimize signal interference. Molded connectors and integral strain relief assure durability and long cable life. A flexible PVC jacket makes the U326-006 easy to install, even in tight corners and other areas where space is restricted.
Lifetime Product Warranty
When you choose this genuine Tripp Lite cable, you get superior performance plus peace of mind! We're so confident of the quality of the U326-006 that we warrant it to be free from defects in material and workmanship�for life!

About Tripp Lite

With more than 85 years of industry experience, Tripp Lite is a trusted, ISO 9001 manufacturer of power protection, power distribution and connectivity solutions for multiple applications: large enterprise networks and VoIP, manufacturing, health care, audio/video, small office/home office and more. Tripp Lite's premium Isobar� Surge Suppressor sets the standard for surge protection, with over 16 million in service worldwide. Recognized worldwide for quality, service and innovation, Tripp Lite is committed to provide its customers with innovative power and connectivity solutions for every application, from the desktop to the data center.